Thursday, April 12, 2007

Technology In The Classroom: Cooler Than Normal Classwork - Create custom images

As young as I am I can still remember when technology wasn't as big in the classroom as it is now. To me technology was something that progressively became more visible in the classroom each year: very little in elementary, some in junior high, more in high school, and finally online classes available at the college level.

This is quickly changing though and I believe this if for the better. Some elementary classes now have computers in them with fun games that help teach certain subject. Not only do the children learn through these but they find it more attractive. The eagerness to learn through technology is something that begins as a "cool" or "fun" alternative to every day learning when one is young and just stick with them throughout their scholastic careers.

I believe technology in the classroom is important for that very reason and I will integrate it into my classrooms quite often. The students are more willing to learn that way and sometimes it can be even more beneficial.

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