Thursday, April 12, 2007

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"People who go into teaching don't check off pay as one of their motives," Ingersoll says. "On the other hand, they get mortgages like everyone else."

"But the district's salary schedule - which adjusts pay based on experience and educational background - offers only tiny increases until teachers near their 20th year in service. Raises have been modest, averaging 3.6 percent over the past decade."

It's a constant debate and something one often hears: "Teachers are underpaid." It is for the most part a well documented fact that in comparison to other jobs teachers are underpaid. It is something, however, that is a well-known and little changing fact.

Those who become teachers aren't expecting a giant paycheck when they decide on that career.

Their is continuing discussion among school districts and even higher levels on whether this will change for the better. Only time will tell


Katie said...

Considering that I want to be a teacher, I am not expecting to be made of money. Although it would be nice to makes a lot of money, being able to teach children is a good feeling. It's cool to know that I will be impacting a child's life and changing their thought process...that alone is priceless!

Sharon said...

It is true that teachers are underpaid. Even with this fact, I still plan to enter the teaching profession. While working in a classroom, I have had the experience of making a change in a students life that you can't put a dollar amount too.