Thursday, April 12, 2007

Athletics vs. Academics - Create custom images

"There is no question about who is winning this open, ever-escalating war between the academic and athletic cultures. In too many places, the tail already wags the dog. The continuation and possible acceleration of this development is a prospect that demands the engagement of presidents, trustees, faculties and higher education associations. The most glaring elements--academic transgressions, a financial arms race and commercialization--are all evidence of the widening chasm between higher education's ideals and big-time college sports"

This is a serious problem that is ongoing in all levels of education. It is implanted in children at a very young age that their role models and heroes are those they see on television...most of the time professional athletes. If you were to ask me at a young age I probably would have said something along the lines of Michael Jordan being my hero.

Is that right? No. Along with that and the way athletics are viewed by the media as "glorified" and "professional"; athletics have academics on the ropes.

It is necessary for educators to focus students of all ages more on their academic goals and less on their concentration towards athletic stardom.

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